Jennifer Simpson, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Jennifer Simpson is  a positive behavior support specialist. She received her master’s degree from Western Kentucky University in Education and Behavior Sciences. Jennifer is passionate about advocating for individuals with special needs, as well as teaching and implementing functional replacement behaviors. Jennifer works in collaboration with direct support staff and caregivers to increase community involvement through skill development and intervention strategies.

Kim Eubanks, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Kim Eubanks is a Positive Behavior Supports Specialist for Marpè Therapy. Kim is originally from Nashville, TN until she came to Kentucky to attend Western Kentucky University. Kim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in School Counseling. Kim have been teaching for 24 years and currently works full time as a special education teacher in Warren County Kentucky.  She is married with 2 children and loves to ride Four Wheelers in the mountains near Oak Ridge, TN.

Kaylah Garnder, Person Centered Coach

Kaylah is a PCC for Marpè Therapy and specializes with children with intellectual disabilities. She is a foster mother of one and loves what she does.  She is currently enrolled at BG tech to further her education for people with intellectual disabilities. She’s been in her field of work for over 5 years and is very dedicated and motivated. Kaylah is also CLS CA and CNA certified.

Meet our Team

Katelyn Emberton, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Katelyn is a positive behavior support specialist in Barren and Monroe counties. She graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Exceptional Education and is dually certified in Learning and Behavioral Disorders (LBD) and Moderate to Severe Disabilities (MSD). Katelyn completed her Masters degree in School Counseling from the University of the Cumberlands. She served in the MSD classroom for several years before switching to this role where she was Exceptional Child Education (ECE) Department Head, started a school-based enterprise, and facilitated community-based instruction. Katelyn has been active in Best Buddies of KY, Council for Exceptional Children, and several local organizations. 

Wes Wrather, Executive Director

Wes Wrather  is the owner and current Executive Director of Marpè Therapy Services. He has an MBA in healthcare management and is a military veteran. During his time at Marpè Therapy, he has been actively involved in numerous advocacy groups for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In addition to his work at Marpè Therapy, Wes sits on the board of directors for multiple veteran related non-profit organizations.

Catherine Brown, Person Centered Coach

Catherine graduated from Western Kentucky University with a bachelor's in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. Catherine has hopes of returning to school to get her masters in ABA Therapy. She has four years of experience working with individuals with special needs of all ages in the school setting, clinical setting, and horse therapy. Her favorite thing about ABA is reducing challenging behaviors in order to learn new skills that help the individual learn/grow. She enjoys working with individuals with all different types of disabilities. 

Monica Rhodes, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Monica Rhodes is from small town in Kentucky, Muhlenberg County. She has a M.Ed. and currently working is on her Masters in Counseling. She is a mother to her 2 year old son, who she absolutely adores. Her passion for as long as she can remember has been helping others in whatever capacity needed; from opening the door for someone who had their hands full, to sitting down working on a math problem or teaching one how to tie their shoes or fold their clothing. She has worked with individuals who have been diagnosed with an Intellectual and/or developmental disabilities for 10+ years.

Tanner Steelman, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Tanner Steelman is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who provides positive behavior support services (PBSS) and mental health therapy in Bowling Green, KY.  He has a Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree from Western Kentucky University (WKU) and was previous administrator of The Children’s Crisis Stabilization Unit at LifeSkills Inc. He is a generalist practitioner with target populations of people with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Richelle Shoemake, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Richelle Shoemake is a Positive Behavior Supports Specialist for Marpè Therapy Services. She received her Bachelors of Education and Behavioral Science in Exceptional Education, Bachelor of Science and Mathematics Education and Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Mathematics with a Secondary Concentration from WKU in 2014. Richelle completed her Masters of Arts in Education for Special Education MSD from WKU in 2019. She enjoys being on the lake, traveling and going on walks with her toddler. Richelle is most passionate about helping individuals live a rewarding life full of purpose and joy. 

Courtney Gray, Person Centered Coach

Courtney is a Person-Centered coach at Marpè therapy Services. She is currently pursuing her bachelor's degree in Social Work at Western Kentucky University. Courtney plans on continuing her education by getting a Masters in Social Work. She loves hanging around her family and friends and likes to watch Gilmore Girls in her free time. She dreams of getting her LCSW and working as a family therapist/counselor one day. She wants to work with a diverse client base to practice cultural competence. 

Sarah Whitledge, Licensed Clincial Social Worker, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Sarah Whitledge is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who provides positive behavior support services (PBSS) and mental health therapy in Bowling Green, KY.  She has a Masters of Social Work (MSW) degree from Western Kentucky University (WKU) and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).   Sarah is very passionate about the mental health needs in the community and strives to provide the best quality evidence-based services to the families she serves.  Sarah specializes in the following: Maternal Mental Health (PPD/PPA), behavioral concerns, Autism, anxiety, depression, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and ADHD. Sarah is a member of the Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) advisory council in Frankfort, KY.   Sarah is passionate about advocating for the rights of individuals with mental illness and other disabilities.

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Kelly E. Copas, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Kelly is a positive behavior support specialist with an under-graduate degree in Foreign Language, Middle Grades Education, and Special Education-Western Kentucky University; a Master’s Degree in Special Education-Vanderbilt University; and a Rank I Degree in Teaching English as a Second Language-Western Kentucky University. Kelly is a retired Kentucky Special Education Teacher with 28 years of service working primarily with youth identified emotional/behavioral disability. He also taught pre-service teachers in the Special Education Department at WKU for 19 years as an adjunct instructor. Kelly is passionate about his work and stresses the importance of building relationships with individuals he serves along with their families and caregivers.

Gwen Son, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Gwen is a positive behavior support specialist from Princeton, currently serving Hopkins and Muhlenberg Counties. Gwen holds a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies in Organization and Communication of Ideas from Western Kentucky University and a Master of Education in Counseling and Human Development (Specialization in Mental Health) from Lindsey Wilson College. Gwen has worked in behavior supports for a little over four years now, previously working as an LPCA in a variety of settings including acute inpatient, short-term residential, outpatient, and school settings. Gwen has two daughters, ages 13 and 10.  We enjoy family activities including traveling, cooking, movies, and game nights."

Tessa Hood, Person Centered Coach

Tessa Hood is a Person Centered Coach at Marpè Therapy Services. She is currently studying to obtain her bachelors degree in counseling. Tessa works closely with individuals and their team members to provide the best support possible.

Sidney Dickhaus, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Sidney Dickhaus is a Certified Social Worker (CSW) who provides positive behavior support services (PBSS) and mental health therapy in Bowling Green, KY. Sidney believes that the relationships she builds with clients is a vital part of their successes. Sidney values serving as a leader in her community and applying her ethical values to make a difference to her clients, and others around her. 

Brooklynn Reynolds, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Brooklynn Reynolds is a Positive Behavior Support Specialist with Marpè Therapy Services. She received a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) from Campbellsville University. Brooklynn has worked with individuals who have been diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities for over 5 years. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and is passionate about supporting individuals in reaching their full potential. 

Millie Stone, Person Centered Coach

Millie Stone is a Person Centered Coach for Marpé Therapy Services. She received her Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) and a Family Home Visiting certificate from Western Kentucky University. Millie is passionate about using a strengths-based perspective when providing services in order to build individuals self-determination and esteem. Millie hopes to make a difference in as many peoples lives as possible, as well as the community as a whole. 

Victoria Rodriguez, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Victoria Rodriguez graduated from Arizona State University in 2013 with a Master’s Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis- she has worked in the school setting and in-home. She provides positive behavior supports for individuals of varying ages, with and without developmental delays as well as disruptive behavior disorders. This includes reducing challenging behaviors while providing skill acquisition and functional replacement behaviors. She collaboratively consults with individuals and caregivers to provide the best interventions possible.

Kelsea Johnson, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Kelsea Johnson, Positive Behavior Support Specialist, received here Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis from University of Cincinnati. Kelsea has several years of experience providing ABA services to children with autism. Her favorite thing about providing ABA and behavior supports is teaching functional communication and seeing new language skills emerge, as well as teaching skill acquisition, adaptive skills in order to increase independence, and reducing challenging behaviors that interfere with learning new skills.

Amy Blackford, Person Centered Coach

Amy Blackford is one of our Person Centered Coaches at Marpè Therapy Services. She has a B.S. in Family & Consumer Sciences. During her time at Marpè Therapy she has continued her education toward four certificates and a second degree. Amy also contracts with other advocacy groups working with children/adults with intellectual & developmental disabilities. Amy also serves as our training facilitator for Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

Chelsea Erickson, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Chelsea Erickson is a Positive Behavior Support Specialist with Marpè Therapy Services. She received a Master of Social Work degree from Western Kentucky University, and has experience working with children, teenagers, and adults. Chelsea is passionate about providing interventions that promote an individual’s ability to live their best life and advocating for the health and wellness of others.

Melissa Bock, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Melissa Bock received her Bachelors degree in psychology from Western Kentucky University.   She graduated in 2014 with her Master of Arts degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in autism spectrum disorder.  Melissa has worked with individuals with autism (ages ranging from 2 years old to geriatric autism services).  Her specializations include verbal behavior programming, functional communication training, and school and Adult Day Training consultation. Melissa has served in five different school districts in South Central Kentucky and currently provides positive behavior support services in four schools in the Logan County school district.  Melissa serves Logan, Crittenden, and Livingston counties. 

David Parra, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

David is a Clinical Social Worker (CSW) who provides positive behavior support services (PBSS) . He is originally from Indiana and has previously worked in home and school settings as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). David obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Indiana University (IU), as well as a Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Western Kentucky University (WKU). He has worked with individuals of varying ages with varying degrees of intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders. David seeks to continue to help individuals live rewarding lives where they can continue to grow in all aspects."

Erica Cutright, Positive Behavior Supports Specialist

Erica Cutright is a positive behavior support specialist in the Bowling Green area. She has a Master’s degree in Special Education (Learning and Behavior), a Master’s degree in Special Education (Moderate and Severe Disabilities), and a certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Erica is an adjunct instructor in the Special Education department at Western Kentucky University. She believes that collaboration among the individual, caregivers, and other providers is pivotal in future success. She enjoys working with individuals of all ages and needs.